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Networking Products > Networking Products UTP/Patch Cables > Cat 6 UTP/Patch Cables > Snagless Molded Boot Cat6 Patch Cable

Snagless Molded Boot Cat6 Patch Cable

Our Category 6 500Mhz cables feature a center spine eliminating cross talk between the 24 AWG twisted pairs and staggered connectors to reduce near end cross talk. These cables meet draft 11 of the TIA/EIA CAT 6 standard and supports current and future Cat6 networking applications.
  • Meets draft 11 of the TIA/EIA CAT 6 standard
  • Made from 24AWG stranded category 6 cable with a PVC jacket.
  • Assembled with enhanced performance RJ45 Connectors
  • 500 MHz stranded patch cable
    2 RJ45 male enhanced connectors, UTP Category 6 , PVC, 4 Pair. 24 AWG. Stranded copper. 350 MHz. EIA/TIA 568-B standard.
    UTP-6700-01A1 Ft$3.99$2.99**
    UTP-6700-01B1 ft$4.99$3.99**
    UTP-6700-01G1 ft$4.99$3.99**
    UTP-6700-01K1 ft$4.99$3.99**
    UTP-6700-01O1 ft$4.99$3.99**
    UTP-6700-01R1 ft$4.99$3.99**
    UTP-6700-01V1 ft$4.99$3.99**
    UTP-6700-01W1 ft$4.99$3.99**
    UTP-6700-01Y1 ft$4.99$3.99**
    UTP-6700-03A3 Ft$6.99$3.99**
    UTP-6700-03B3 ft$6.99$3.99**
    UTP-6700-03G3 Ft$6.99$3.99**
    UTP-6700-03K3 ft$6.99$3.99**
    UTP-6700-03O3 ft$6.99$3.99**
    UTP-6700-03P3 ft$6.99$1.99Discontinued**
    UTP-6700-03R3 ft$6.99$3.99**
    UTP-6700-03V3 ft$6.99$3.99**
    UTP-6700-03W3 ft$6.99$3.99**
    UTP-6700-03Y3 ft$6.99$3.99**
    UTP-6700-05A5 ft$7.99$4.99**
    UTP-6700-05B5 ft$7.99$4.99**
    UTP-6700-05G5 ft$7.99$4.99**
    UTP-6700-05K5 ft$7.99$4.99**
    UTP-6700-05O5 ft$7.99$4.99**
    UTP-6700-05P5 ft$7.99$2.99Discontinued**
    UTP-6700-05R5 ft$7.99$4.99**
    UTP-6700-05V5 ft$7.99$4.99**
    UTP-6700-05W5 ft$7.99$4.99**
    UTP-6700-05Y5 ft$7.99$4.99**
    UTP-6700-07A7 ft$8.99$4.99**
    UTP-6700-07B7 ft$8.99$4.99**
    UTP-6700-07G7 ft$8.99$4.99**
    UTP-6700-07K7 Ft$8.99$4.99**
    UTP-6700-07O7 ft$8.99$4.99**
    UTP-6700-07P7 Ft$8.99$4.99**
    UTP-6700-07R7 ft$8.99$4.99**
    UTP-6700-07V7 ft$8.99$4.99**
    UTP-6700-07W7 ft$8.99$4.99**
    UTP-6700-07Y7 ft$8.99$4.99**
    UTP-6700-10A10 ft$9.99$5.99**
    UTP-6700-10B10 ft$9.99$5.99**
    UTP-6700-10G10 ft$9.99$5.99**
    UTP-6700-10K10 ft$9.99$5.99**
    UTP-6700-10O10 ft$9.99$5.99**
    UTP-6700-10P10 Ft$9.99$5.99**
    UTP-6700-10R10 ft$9.99$5.99**
    UTP-6700-10V10 ft$9.99$5.99**
    UTP-6700-10W10 ft$9.99$5.99**
    UTP-6700-10Y10 ft$9.99$5.99**
    UTP-6700-14P14 ft$9.99$3.99Discontinued**
    UTP-6700-14R14 ft$10.99$6.99**
    UTP-6700-14V14 ft$10.99$6.99**
    UTP-6700-14W14 ft$10.99$6.99**
    UTP-6700-14Y14 ft$10.99$6.99**
    UTP-6700-14A14 ft$10.99$6.99**
    UTP-6700-14B14 ft$10.99$6.99**
    UTP-6700-14G14 ft$10.99$6.99**
    UTP-6700-14K14 ft$10.99$6.99**
    UTP-6700-14O14 ft$10.99$6.99**
    UTP-6700-25A25 ft$12.99$9.99**
    UTP-6700-25B25 ft$12.99$9.99**
    UTP-6700-25G25 ft$12.99$9.99**
    UTP-6700-25K25 ft$12.99$9.99**
    UTP-6700-25O25 ft$12.99$9.99**
    UTP-6700-25P25 ft$12.99$5.99Discontinued**
    UTP-6700-25R25 ft$12.99$9.99**
    UTP-6700-25V25 ft$12.99$9.99**
    UTP-6700-25W25 ft$12.99$9.99**
    UTP-6700-25Y25 ft$12.99$9.99**
    UTP-6500-2020 ft$15.99$7.99Discontinued**
    UTP-6700-15K15 Ft$15.99$6.99Discontinued**
    UTP-6700-15R15 Ft$15.99$6.99Discontinued**
    UTP-6700-15V15 Ft$15.99$6.99Discontinued**
    UTP-6700-15W15 Ft$15.99$6.99Discontinued**
    UTP-6700-15Y15 Ft$15.99$6.99Discontinued**
    UTP-6700-15A15 Ft$15.99$6.99Discontinued**
    UTP-6700-15B15 Ft$15.99$6.99Discontinued**
    UTP-6700-15G15 Ft$15.99$6.99Discontinued**
    UTP-6700-50P50 ft$17.99$10.99Discontinued**
    UTP-6700-50R50 ft$19.99$17.99**
    UTP-6700-50V50 ft$19.99$17.99**
    UTP-6700-50W50 ft$19.99$17.99**
    UTP-6700-50Y50 ft$19.99$17.99**
    UTP-6700-50G50 ft$19.99$17.99**
    UTP-6700-50K50 ft$19.99$17.99**
    UTP-6700-50O50 ft$19.99$17.99**
    UTP-6700-50A50 ft$19.99$17.99**
    UTP-6700-50B50 ft$19.99$17.99**
    UTP-6500-7575 ft$21.99$15.99Discontinued**
    UTP-6700-75W75 Ft$24.99$21.99**
    UTP-6700-75A75 ft$24.99$21.99**
    UTP-6700-75B75 Ft$24.99$21.99**
    UTP-6700-75G75 ft$24.99$21.99**
    UTP-6700-75K75 ft$24.99$21.99**
    UTP-6700-99P100 ft$27.99$18.99Discontinued**
    UTP-6700-99R100 ft$29.99$27.99**
    UTP-6700-99V100 ft$29.99$27.99**
    UTP-6700-99W100 ft$29.99$27.99**
    UTP-6700-99A100 ft$29.99$27.99**
    UTP-6700-99B100 ft$29.99$27.99**
    UTP-6700-99G100 ft$29.99$27.99**
    UTP-6700-99K100 ft$29.99$27.99**
    UTP-6700-99O100 ft$29.99$27.99**
    UTP-6700-99Y100 ft$29.99$27.99**
    UTP-6700-75R75 In$35.99$23.99Discontinued**
    UTP-6700-75Y75 Ft$35.99$23.99Discontinued**
    Indicates Special Item

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